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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a parashade umbrella?

  1. Parashade is a revolutionary new concept in umbrellas with a radial opening action. Simply rotate one arm 180 degrees, and then do the same for the second arm - latch together and your umbrella is open. The design results in a minimal appearance, with no spokes.
Parashade Umbrella South Africa Shade Forever

Q: What Maintenance does my umbrella require?

  1. Our reliable umbrellas require little or no mechanical maintenance under normal operating conditions. However, in order to keep it looking its best, you should clean it from time to time.

Q: Do you have umbrellas in stock?

  1. We can supply basic ecru umbrellas from stock. Large orders, special colours or branding may take a little longer.

Q: How do I clean my umbrella's stainless steel frame?

  1. Mirror polished parts of your umbrella should not need to be cleaned other than the occasional wipe-down with a quality stainless steel cleaner.  Brushed parts should be washed down regularly using a quality stainless cleaner.  Please note that brushed stainless steel will be tarnished by salts and chemicals that settle on it and are not removed.  Do not worry, however, as this tarnishing can always be removed with stainless steel cleaner, a domestic scouring pad (not metal) and a little elbow grease working in the direction of the brushed finish.

Q: What colours do the canopies come in?

  1. Our canopies are made from long lasting outdoor fabric, made in South Africa especially to withstand the harsh sun experienced here. Our standard colour is Ecru (off white) but you can order other colours to match your decor. Special orders take 2-3 weeks extra to deliver.
Colours Available For The Powerbrella Parashade Shade Forever

Q: How do I clean the canopy?

  1. Brush or wash dirt off the canopy before it becomes embedded but preferably do not use industrial cleaning products.  It is always advisable to test your washing method on the removable cover bag before proceeding.  Should a deeper wash be required the canopy can be taken off and washed in a washing machine with a mild washing powder on a cold wash.
Cleaning Patio Umbrella Canopy Shade Forever

Q: What is a Powerbrella?

  1. Powerbrella is the best patio umbrella operating mechanism in the world. Lift the arms and a gas lift assists to gently open the umbrella. Pull down the hub (or push the post while pulling the hub for the Cantilever Powerbrella) and the umbrella gently closes and stays closed.
Powerbrella Umbrella South Africa Shade Forever

Q: Can you supply branded umbrellas for commercial purposes?

  1. Yes! Supply us your logo and allow an additional 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Branded Powerbrella Parashade Shade Forever

Q: What about bases?

  1. Our centre pole umbrellas come with mobile bases and a secret stand invisible inside the pole. 
  2. Our Parashade and Powerbrella Cantilever umbrellas boast a three part base. The stones lock together and the umbrella pivots 360 degrees.
Available Bases For The Powerbrella Parashade Shade Forever

Q. Must I use the protective cover provided with my umbrella?

  1. We recommend protecting your umbrella by enclosing it in the cover provided when not in use.

Q: Can a Shade Forever Powerbrella or Parashade be left open when unattended?

  1. While your umbrella is extremely durable and can withstand high winds, it should not be left unattended or open in windy conditions.  The wind cannot be predicted and certain windy conditions (high winds, gusts etc) may knock your umbrella over or whip the canopy around.  This is both dangerous (if the umbrella falls over and is dragged) and can damage the umbrella.  Luckily our protective covers are extremely easy to use and therefore quick to take off and put on and we strongly recommend doing so whenever the umbrella is not in use.
Do Not Leave The Cover Off When Unattended Shade Forever

Q: What happens if my umbrella gets damaged?

  1. No problem. Replacement parts are readily available and repairs can be carried out by any competent handyman. We also provide repair tools and instructions. Alternatively, the umbrella can be repaired by your local agent.

Q: What happens in the wind?

  1. A. Shade Forever Powerbrellas and Parashades are tough and reliable, but no umbrella should be left open in a high wind. Wind cannot be predicted and high winds and gusty conditions may damage your umbrella. Luckily our umbrellas are really tough and wind damage can generally be repaired. Please note, however, that wind damaged umbrellas are NOT covered by our manufacturer’s guarantee.
Warranty Umbrella South Africa Shade Forever

Q: What is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee?

  1. Our umbrellas are guaranteed against factory defects for 3 years. This means that, should your umbrella fail due to any defect in the manufacturing process, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Please note, however, that wind damaged umbrellas are NOT covered by our manufacturer’s guarantee.

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Our umbrellas are covered by a manufacturers guarantee against factory defects - please note that wind damaged umbrellas are not covered by this guarantee.

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